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Email Archiving, and Security = Compliance

Email Archiving and Security are not just for businesses in regulated industries. You can Reduce business costs, mitigate risks, and lower legal expenses.

Email Archiving helps keep your email securely archived and easily accessible using your central control panel. It offers the preservation, protection and restoration features you need to help safeguard intellectual property, facilitate compliance, and speed eDiscovery.

Email Archiving delivers an integrated, easy-to-use experience for both users and administrators. And with high levels of security and reliability, it assures a Worry-Free Experience™ that keeps you focused on business.

Why should I use an Archiving Plan:

  • A good email service should also include email protection
  • Because 80% of intellectual property is stored in or
    communicated via email. 1
  • Because 45% of email contains business value. 1
  • Because 90% of businesses will be involved in
    some type of litigation. 2

It’s all about security for your business.

For small and medium-sized businesses, email archiving has become an essential component of your data management strategy. That’s because even as business data multiplies and storage costs escalate, industry regulations and legal risks are compelling companies to retain their business communications in a compliant, tamper-proof archive. There are three broad drivers that make C3‘s Email Archiving the right solution for your business: the needs to safeguard intellectual property, to facilitate compliance, and to speed eDiscovery.

  • 100% data capture across devices and platforms (including POP/IMAP accounts)
  • Unlimited storage and scalability
  • Facilitation of compliance with regulations including FRCP, SEC, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH and SOX
  • Housing of archived data in systems in eight disparate datacenters (separate from our Exchange datacenters)
  • Simple, flexible searching, filtering, tagging and recovery methods
  • Export options include PST, SF, EML, HTML, PDF and other formats
  • Encryption of data both in-transit and at-rest
  • End-user access via My Services (accessible though the web or Outlook)
  • Free 24/7 phone and email support
  • Worry-Free Experience™ security and reliability
  • Plan flexibility: add archiving for every mailbox or just specific ones
  • Now available standalone for popular email platforms including Microsoft Office 365 or Exchange, Google Mail, Zimbra, IMail, Scalix, and others.


1. According to Gartner research
2. Second annual litigation trends survey 2005.

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