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Dell PowerEdge Servers Ensure Business EfficiencyDell Rack Server

Next-generation PowerEdge servers deliver state-of-the-art advancements that ensure your applications run faster and more efficiently than ever before. Converged architectures, like the PowerEdge VRTX and the FX2 chassis have help business to transform their IT investment. Dell PowerEdge VRTX integrates servers, storage, networking and management into a single office-optimized chassis the size of a tower server (or 5U when rack mounted). The first IT solution designed from the ground up specifically for office environments, PowerEdge VRTX brings greater simplicity, efficiency and versatility to your IT environment.

The FX2 chassis shares cooling, power, networking and PCI expansion slots with the various FX server and storage components that plug into the chassis. Combining these modular components of the FX architecture allows you to quickly deploy the exact combination of compute, storage and networking resources to best fulfill your business needs. With the FX2 or PowerEdge VRTX in place, you can scale workloads on demand and add resources incrementally, without the expense and inefficiency of over provisioning and be ready for modern workloads

Next Generation Hardware from Dell

Dell is leading the pack with next-generation hardware and integrated software technologies, that make your network easier to manager and more powerful than ever before. With flexibility in architecture and the ability to scale as you grow, it’s easy to see why more people chose to run their complex environments on Dell infrastructure.

Whether you’re running your business from the office or the Cloud — it just has to work.

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